Our location
Shamai Suites is an apartment & suites in a new building located in the heart of Jerusalem city, on the corner of Shamai & Ben Hillel Streets. 
The building is situated adjacent to the Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall, offering tens of restaurants, cafés, galleries, mini-markets and night entertainment, within walking distance of the main Jerusalem synagogue, historical sites and only a 15 minute walk from the Old City.
Machane Yehuda, the colorful Jerusalem market, selling every kind of food imaginable, and housing
authentic, vibrant restaurants is only a stone's throw away.
Our hotel offers modern apartments in various sizes for short and long term rentals.

Ways of reaching the hotel:
 1. If you are arriving directly from Gen Gurion Airport, we recommend using the "Nesher" taxies (that are with other passengers) for approximately 60 Shekels ($16) per person with up to two suitcases each (tel: +972-2-6231231). A private taxi will cost much more. Tell them you want to come to 11 Shamai Street (corner of 15 Ben Hillel), Jerusalem.
2. If you are arriving from the Jerusalem Central Bus Station, we recommend taking the tram (the light rail) going toward "Kheil Ha'avir", and get off the tram at the Jaffa (Yaffo) center tram stop. From there go up King George Street until you reach "Ben Hillel" Street, turn left and walk straight up for about 150 meters until you reach Shamai Street where the hotel entrance is to your left.
3. If you are arriving by car, we suggest you park at the public parking lot located at 12 Rabbi Akiva Street (first parking lot to the left), the rate there is about 40 Shekels per day. From the parking lot return to Hillel Street turn left, and go up the road for about 30 meters until you reach a small pedestrian street named Darom. Walk along the street until you reach Shamai Street, and just cross the road to Ben Hillel Street where the hotel entrance is the second entrance to your right, just by Pizza Hut.

Tourist information:
For your convenience hereunder is a list of sites worth seeing in Jerusalem,
and ways of getting there by bus from the hotel:
Place  Bus number Name of site
קניון מלחה – אצטדיון טדי 4,א4, 17, Malha mall, Teddy's stadium
עמק רפאים 4,א4,21,49, Emek Refa'im
תחנה מרכזית ירושלים 7,8,א8,21,32, 74, 75 Jerusalem central bus station
שוק מחנה יהודה 7,8,א8,21,32, 74, 75 Mahne Yehuda market
מוזיאון ישראל 17,32 The Israel Museum
הגן הבוטני 17,19 The Botanical Gardens
גבעת התחמושת 22,49 The Ammunition Hill museum
הסינמטק 7,8,71,72,74,75 Jerusalem's Cinematheque
שער יפו 38,124 Jaffa gate – The Old City
הכותל המערבי והרובע היהודי 38 The Western (Wailing) Wall
תיאטרון החאן 7,8,71,72,74,75 The Khan theater
הר הרצל + יד ושם 21 Mount Herzl cemetery
A few words about each site:
Malha mall – the biggest mall in Jerusalem which is located very close to Teddy's stadium –Jerusalem's soccer stadium.

Emek Refa'im – a lovely street that offers cafés, restaurants and wine shops. The main street of the Jerusalem German colony.

Jerusalem central bus station – a place from which you can get to almost every major city in Israel. 

The Israel Museum – the biggest cultural institute in Israel, displaying more than half a million pieces of culture and archeology.

The Botanical Gardens – containing more than a thousand different species of plants and trees, which one can see, smell and sometimes even taste.

The Ammunition Hill – is located in an old Jordanian outpost that was conquered by the Israeli paratroopers during the 1967 war. Now there is a museum dedicated to the paratroopers, where you can walk in the actual tunnels and bunker, and follow in the paratroopers’ footsteps.

Jaffa Gate – is one of the gates leading to the old city of Jerusalem. It is accessible both by bus and by foot from the hotel. From the gate you may enter the old city of Jerusalem and see its wonders. Immediately after entering through Jaffa Gate you will encounter the famous Middle Eastern Jerusalem market. Through the Jaffa Gate you can reach the Church of Holy Sepulcher, the Dome of the Rock and the Western Wall. 

The Western Wall – the last remaining part of the Jewish temple that was destroyed in 70 AD and is considered the holiest place in Judaism. At the Western Wall you can take a tour in the Wall's tunnel in which you go underground and walk on an ancient 2,000-year-old Jerusalem street. According to experts Jesus walked on that very street.

The Khan theater – The only repertoire producing theatre in Jerusalem that was established at 1968. There are about 200 shows performed a year in the Khan.

Jerusalem Cinematheque – A movie archive that offers old Israeli movies alongside foreign and modern ones.

Mount Herzl cemetery – the burial ground of Israel's leaders including Herzl, the visionary seer of Israel, prime ministers and presidents. On Mount Herzl there is a military burial plot where soldiers who died during their military service are buried. Close to Mount Herzl is Yad Vashem, the Israel memorial museum to the Jews who were killed during the holocaust.

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